Comic Book Shipments Are Due To Resume Soon

Comic Book Shipments

For those of us who rely on our comic book fix every month, but are at home hibernating, are ecstatic to hear that comic book shipments are due to resume soon! As government has their way of determining whether or not Covid-19 cases are dropping, we comic book junkies have our ways to, and it’s through comic book distribution.

Diamond Comic Distribution

Diamond Comic Distribution, who has been the worldwide leader in comic book shipments since 1982, are as of right now shipping comic books to shop owners who provide a residential address. Why? In order avoid contact with too many people at strip malls and busy streets where comic book shops are normally located. This is a huge deal because since April 1st, no one’s been shipping comic books! In fact, most publishers are moving titles that were scheduled for April to May, and in other cases through into August and September! Here’s the thing though, publishers that have been affected by shipment issues due to the Covid-19 pandemic have also halted all digital releases as well in order to keep the playing field balanced.

Keeping Track of Future Comic Book Release Dates…

Keeping track of future comic book release dates has been made possible by Comic List, which is in charge of delivering the weekly list of new releases, along with news concerning current and future products available in local and online comic book shops.

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