Could Gargoyles on Disney Plus Be The Show’s Only Comeback?

Gargoyles on Disney Plus

Every cancelled television series has its own cult following whether it’s Joss Whedon’s Firefly, Josh Schwartz’s Chuck, James Cameron’s Dark Angel or even Daniel Cerone’s Contantine, just to name a small few… These shows meant the world to many of their loyal following; so much so that petitions were created to stop networks from canceling them.

One of these series, although animated, was Disney’s Gargoyles , which ran from 1995 thru 1997, spawning 3 seasons. It was Disney’s darkest by far series, which received critical acclaim on its success, especially since Disney was and still is known for so much the opposite light-hearted stories.

Gargoyles on Disney Plus

Unlike so many other series prior & subsequent to the animated show , collecting dust in some vault waiting to be reawakened, we may have already seen that day come with Gargoyles on Disney Plus. Sure, there have been talks about bringing the animated series back with new episodes, not to mention scripts being pitched for a live-action movie, but nothing has yet been realized…

The closest we’ve ever come to a Gargoyles comeback was with the hiring of GI Joe: Rise of Cobra’s David Elliott & Paul Lovett when they were brought in to write a script back in 2011, but that never came to fruition. Since then there were talks about Jordan Peele pitching a script and most recently, Beau Demayo who was quoted as saying he was more excited about watching Gargoyles on Disney Plus than any other show the platform had to offer.

This brings us to whether Gargoyles should be left in its original 90s story line rather than attempt to expand on it. For us all to not only sit and watch but also enjoy something that proves to still be ahead of its time, should probably be left to its perfection, don’t you think?

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