Is Ninja Returning To Twitch or Staying With Facebook

Is Ninja Returning To Twitch or Staying With Facebook

With Mixer redirecting its content users to Facebook, is Ninja returning to Twitch or staying with Facebook? It’s the question we’re all asking and here’s why:

It’s a reasonable question considering Twitch is by far the leading streaming platform available… Sure there are about less than a dozen other platforms for Ninja to consider. Among those platforms are YouTube, Hitbox, Beam, Smashcast and a few others! But come on, why wouldn’t he return to Twitch and for that matter, why wouldn’t he stay?

Well, Tyler Blevins aka Ninja already tried testing his name with trying to make another platform shine. He got paid well for doing so, but going to a lesser known platform isn’t the right choice either. Most of Ninja’s followers normally have a top 3 or top 5 list of streamers we follow… This means having to subscribe onto two different platforms in order to follow them all. Other than Michael Grzesiek aka “Shroud”, what other big name gamer was at Mixer? Most of the all-time Big Name Gamers can be found at Twitch.

We already know that Ninja and Shroud have been paid for their respective dealings with Mixer… This means they’re free to go wherever they want. But there’s no news of them not accepting the deal both Facebook and Microsoft placed in front of them either. So, with Mixer redirecting users to Facebook, is Ninja returning to Twitch or staying with Facebook?

I guess the real question to be asking is whether Ninja still has enough juice left to pull off another multi-million dollar contract. I have a contact who is saying Ninja still has the biggest following on Twitch, but in the end it’s all about the bread and how much they’re willing to slice off to get him back. Let’s face facts, Jess Blevins as a manager is the real deal and let’s throw it out there, I can’t imagine managing your spouse is easy… But JGhosty is in no way, shape or form a stranger to streaming and that serves her well on the business side… This brings us to the distrust many have of Facebook with personal data abuse and all. That said, what does J Blevins have up her sleeves? Is she going to perpetrate a massive whammy of a contract with FB and get her client to move his fan base across the way? I don’t know…

Ninja has been incredibly fortunate with his stable of other revenue avenues such as sponsorships and partnerships, but those opportunities were possible primarily through the success he’s had streaming. Having been quoted on CNBC as saying he doesn’t see professional gaming as a viable career path for everyone and suggesting that young people diversify their interests and skills is great advice. But, how much longer does Ninja think his remunerative success in gaming will last? Well, as one of the older gaming streamers in the game, Dr. Disrespect who is 38 years of age and attracting over 10,000 paid subs, is still bringing in a considerable amount of bread! However, Dr. Disrespect is also a game designer who made a name for himself at Sledgehammer Games, which means he has something to fall back on if the shit were to ever to hit the fan!

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