Was Dr Disrespect Permanently Banned From Twitch

Was Dr Disrespect Permanently Banned From Twitch

Did I read right, was Dr Disrespect permanently banned from Twitch? Just yesterday I sent out a tweet asking what video game streamers would do if shit hit the fan! Was that a premonition?

Was Dr Disrespect Permanently Banned From Twitch?

We all heard of the E3 debacle that got Dr Disrespect removed from Twitch for 2 weeks… What did he do to get banned permanently? No one seems to know for sure! The last tweet from Disrespect was yesterday and it had nothing to do with being banned.

It’s been said that Guy Beahm aka Dr Disrespect has been known to disguise racism as comedy… Could that have something to do with him being banned? His eccentricities are very popular among his 4.5 million Twitch viewers. If he has indeed been banned permanently, he has options. He can join another live streaming platform like YouTube Gaming or Facebook, now that mixer kicked the bucket. He can also go back to designing video games at Sledgehammer Games.

We do know that in a market where streaming regularly is a prerequisite for retaining your fan-base, losing out is not an option… Ninja was once out for 48 hours and basically lost over 40,000 viewers! Sure, a drop in the bucket for Ninja, but not for someone who doesn’t have all those millions of viewers. We’ve also seen how life for a streamer can change from one day to another, remember Carl Reimer?

Times like these remind me of what Uncle Ben said to Peter… “With great power there must also come great responsibility”. We can all be funny and zany without it having to be at someone else’s expense. We can also be entertaining without having to be a danger to ourselves or someone else. Remember, rules are there to protect us all, even if it means from ourselves.

We are beginning to receive news (don’t yet know how reliable) that Dr. Disrespect may not be the only distinguished streamer on Twitch who may be getting the axe… More news to come.

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