Pokemon Go Remote Raid Is Here

Pokemon Go Remote Raid

Is there any wonder why we love Pokemon Go? For all you Pokemon Go Trainers, Pokemon Go Remote Raid is here and although it is nothing like getting in your car or on your bike to be a part of the next raid, it means the world! But that’s not all…

Three Legendary Raid Bosses Are Returning…

You heard right… The three legendary raid bosses that are being brought back are Darkrai Giratina & Virizion! Each of the three legendary raid bosses will make a limited-time appearance in five-star raids throughout their one week scheduled time.

  • Darkrai will make its appearance beginning today at 1pm (PST) or 4pm (EST) and continue appearing all the way until next Tuesday (May 05th) 1pm (PST) or 4pm (EST).
  • Altered Forme Giratina is scheduled to appear Tuesday May 05th at 1pm (PST) or 4pm (EST) and continue appearing all the way until next Tuesday (May 12th) 1pm (PST) or 4pm (EST).
  • Virizion will be scheduled to appear Tuesday May 12th at 1pm (PST) or 4pm (EST) and continue appearing all the way until next Tuesday (May 19th) 1pm (PST) or 4pm (EST).

The best part of making these three raid bosses a part of your collection is that they all have a high probability of being Shiny! And let’s not forget about Darkrai being a Top 10 attacker since its Gen IV intro.

Are These Remote Raids Possible Everywhere?

It’s important to bring up Niantic’s comments as it pertains to as to whether or not these remote raids are possible everywhere… Unfortunately, if you’re located in a rural area, the remote raids may not be possible if you don’t have a gym nearby. However, according to sources, in the near future, friends who reside near you, but live closer to a gym that’s out of your reach will be able to invite you to that raid.

So… Whether you’re on the west coast or east coast, let’s synchronize our watches to our first Pokemon Go Remote Raid beginning at 1pm… Ready to bag Darkrai? Let’s GO!!

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2 Comments on “Pokemon Go Remote Raid Is Here”

  1. I don’t think they’re appearing five time in one week. They’ll be appearing throughout the week in five star raids.

    1. Hi Damon… Thanks so much for your comment, and you are correct! Darkrai, Giritina & Virizion will be appearing throughout their respective scheduled week in five star raids. We will correct that immediately. Thanks again!! Kai

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