Pokemon Go Throwback Challenge 2020

Pokemon Go Throwback Challenge 2020

If you haven’t heard, Pokemon Go Throwback Challenge 2020 is in full effect!! This Friday Pokemon Go is taking us back, way back, back into time… I love old school hip hop as much as I love Pokemon, which is why I’m so excited about this coming Friday! Pokemon Go is scheduled to unlock THE THROWBACK CHALLENGE that is set to take us back over twenty years of Pokemon history this Friday, May 1st thru Friday, May 29th! But there is so much to cover and prepare for, that it’s absolutely mind boggling, yet again so exciting. Let’s just get started…

There are a total of 4 Throwback Challenges + 1 More…

  • Kanto Timed Research – Friday May 1st, 1pm thru Friday May 8th at 1pm
  • Johto Timed Research – Friday May 8th, 1pm thru Friday May 15th at 1pm
  • Hoenn Timed Research – Friday May 15th, 1pm thru Friday May 22nd at 1pm
  • Sinnoh Timed Research – Friday May 22nd, 1pm thru Friday May 29th at 1pm

Complete All 4 Throwback Challenges & Earn A Champion Challenge…

That’s right… If you successfully complete all of the 4 Throwback challenges listed above before the month is over, you’ll earn the chance to compete in Pokemon GO’s Throwback Champion Challenge, which consists of joining Professor Willow in Unova! But let’s get into the missions, rewards & bonuses so that we’re fully prepared…

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Missions for Rewards & Bonuses

On each one of the regions, we’ll be responsible with completing a total of eight missions in order to earn our ten rare candies that’ll result in our indigenous encounter reward. In Kanto for instance, our encounter will be with the most powerful Pokemon of them all – Mewtwo. In Johto we encounter Ho-Oh; in Hoenn we encounter Groudon and in Sinnoh we encounter with a Cresselia!

In addition to our encounters, we will also have the opportunity to earn double XPs for catching Pokemon, watching Pokemon hatch out of 7km eggs and for taking part in raids. But the double XPs are only available in Kanto & Johto.

Shinies are also available on each region, so keep your eyes peeled because you may only have one chance to come across them. Another bonus is seeing Pikachu wearing the hat of the region’s Pokemon of the year! This means seeing Pikachu sporting a Charizard hat in Kanto, an Umbriard hat in Johto, a Rayquaza hat in Hoenn and a Lucario hat in Sinnoh.

Pokemon Regions & Versions

During each of the challenges in any one of the regions, you’ll be taken back to specific versions of the Pokemon, which is what the Throwback Challenge is all about:

  • KANTO = POKEMON RED & BLUE (1996 Japan / 1998 Internationally)
  • JOHTO = POKEMON GOLD & SILVER (1999 Japan / 2000 Internationally)
  • HOENN = POKEMON RUBY & SAPPHIRE (2002 Japan / 2003 Internationally)
  • SINNOH = POKEMON DIAMOND & PEARL (2006 Japan / 2007 Internationally)

So who’s ready for the Pokemon Go Throwback Challenge 2020 this Friday? What is your GO TO prep process?

For more detailed information, please visit Pokemon Go Live’s Throwback Challenge 2020 Post!

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